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If you are one of the lucky oneís to have bought a new marker from our store you simply need to bring it in and one of our techs will service your marker free of charge.  You will have to pay for any parts needed if the gun is out of warranty.  Usually 1 year. 

 If you didnít buy your marker from us thatís ok too. We can still work on it for you. We do charge a fee to repair markers and you will see that it works before it leaves the store. 

We stock parts for a wide selection of markers. From Brass Eagle to WDP Angel we have it all. If we donít have it let us know and we will do our best to get it for you.  

 We can also help you online.  Write to the tech with the kind of marker you have and what the problem is. And we will get back to you with what the problem might be.  Donít forget you can always call the store for help.(919.501.7770)









Technical FAQ's                                                                                             



Q.  My gun is leaking down the barrel, any suggestions?

A.  If your gun is a blowback style gun (Spyder, Tippmann, Piranha, etc.) you can check your valve
     assembly to make sure it is free of debrit and is not nicked or damaged. Inspect the cup seal that
     closes off the valve for damage as well.  For markers using a spool style valve (Matrix, Shocker)
     you will need to check the inner o-rings that make direct contact with the bolt. The slightest cut or
     nick can cause a leak.
Q.  I have an electronic gun that is operating erratically and sometimes even goes full auto by itself.
     What could cause this to happen?
A.  With any electronic gun problem, always check the battery first. Low battery voltages can affect
     the way the marker operates. In electronic guns the solenoid, eyes, led's, etc. all draw battery
     current and could all be affected when the battery gets too low.

Q.  Is a barrel kit worth the extra money?

A.  For the average recreational player a standard bore barrel will be fine in most cases.  If you play
     at a higher level or in tournaments you may want to invest in a kit that allows you to size your bore
     to match the paint you are shooting.  By getting a proper paint/barrel match you will dramatically
     increase your accuracy due to the tighter barrel fit. In short, less air is lost around the ball which
     makes for a more true flight path.

Q.  Is an aftermarket trigger really necessary?

A.  Triggers are all personal preference. Use whatever feels best to you and allows you to operate
     your marker most efficiently. Aftermarket triggers come in various styles and in various materials
     that allow you to customize the feel of the trigger pull and make it as comfortable as possible. If
     you have no problem with the stock trigger and your marker shoots as well as you need it to there
     is no reason to change it.

Q.  I see a lot of guys using high end hoppers like the Halo B. What is the big deal with them?

A. Loaders such as the Halo B, Reloader B and Evlution II are considered force feed loaders. This
     means that the paintballs are not fed by gravity or agitation but are actually forced into the marker's
     feedneck at a high rate. This can be beneficial for a couple of reasons. First, if your gun does not
     have an anti-chop eye, the faster loader can keep a stack of paintballs loading in to your marker much
     faster than a standard loader.  This can drastically decrease the chance for a ball chop. Secondly, if
     your marker does have eyes, a faster loader can increase your rate of fire since the marker will fire
     each time it seems a ball in the breech. Comparitively, a standard agitated loader can feed ~12 balls
     per second. The Evlution II can feed ~17 bps and the Halo B can feed up to ~23bps.



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